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Corporate Social Responsibility

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) increased within the last years. Entrepreneurs do not only get involved socially because of legal requirements and pressure from their stakeholders, but also to obtain competitive advantages. Ager Pharia is involved in energy, food and water. Besides the sustainability of our business, we always think of the social consequences when planning and realizing our projects.

There are three main points when talking about Corporate Social Responsibility: Ecology, Social Affairs and Economics (cp. German Bundestag, 1998, Schutz des Menschen und der Umwelt – Ziele und Rahmenbedingungen einer nachhaltig zukunftsverträglichen Entwicklung).

Nowadays, talking about Corporate Social Responsibility is en vogue. Every company wants to be talked about because it is social responsibility. However, there is often more hype than substance: Corporate Social Responsibility then turns out not to be more than propaganda. Therefore, we present you some of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects.