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Technical Information

Residential Homes Specifications

In this example Ager Pharia Building Solutions® is using a typical general description of a 50 sqm low cost house (ideal for 4 inhabitants)

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  • The homes are constructed using a semi-elastic reinforced concrete footing slab, calculated for the extreme cases of possible ground conditions, and making rational use of the structural functionality of the superstructure materials.
  • The walls themselves make up the resistant structure, comprising all of the walls which perform as component elements of the construction system with polypropylene core panels, or as reinforced concrete partition walls.
  • The roof is constructed using a traditional reinforced concrete slab, as the base payer for the heat insulation, which comprises expanded polystyrene sheets to which is attached a roof made of pre-painted trapezoidal sheeting or imitation tiling, using screws with plastic plugs and elastomer washers.
  • Electrical installations are calculated in accordance with the applicable electrical regulations, with approved, first-rate materials.
  • Electric heating panels, one per room, powered by a special electrical circuit.
  • Windows with folded sheet metal frames and natural aluminium sliding panels.
  • Wooden doors made of from recycled wood or non recycled but from renewable sustainable forest plantations.
  • Waterproof painted walls with textured acrylic rendering and optional antibacterial coating.
  • Wooden flooring with wooden skirting boards in all rooms.
  • Ceramic tiling on bathrooms and kitchen.

Show Flat 50 sqm