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Advisory and Project Management

We at Ager Pharia are competent partners in the field of renewable energy. We have a great deal of experience in implementation and support several projects in the area of renewable energy.  Our excellent logistics are accompanied by experience in designing the marketing machinery. Our primary focus is photovoltaics, but we can also support biomass and wind energy projects.

In photovoltaics, sunlight is transformed into electricity. Through the action of sunlight, electrons in solar cells are released, generating positive elements which move within the solar cell in only one direction. The result is positive and negative poles in the solar cells and the flow of electricity. When many solar cells are connected, a huge amount of electricity can be generated for use by the end consumer or diverted into an electric circuit. Photovoltaic systems are subsidised in many countries, e. g. in Germany, by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). The biggest challenge is dependence on sunlight. If there is not enough, electricity cannot be generated. For the optimum security of energy supplies, a combination of several energy forms is required, particularly if there is no adequate storage capacity.

We also focus on solar thermal power plants for efficient, eco-friendly and economic power generation. In comparison to classic photovoltaics, the investment requirement is lower, while the technology is more failsafe. Solar thermal productions use the Fresnel parabolic trough reflector, and tower power plants and as well as solar dishes. With these systems, concentrated thermal energy is transformed into electricity by a current circuit.

One of the biggest advantages of solar thermal power plants is that electricity can be generatedat night, i.e. without sunlight. This is possible due to the integration of thermal stores. Consequently, the generation of electricity can be planned.

Another alternative is wind energy, which uses the kinetic energy of wind. The technical development of wind energy today is very advanced. In areas with a lot of wind, this technology is more reliable and has definite advantages compared with photovoltaics. Wind farms can be successfully set up offshore, as the main disadvantages on land are the high space requirements and investment costs.

Biomass is an all-round renewable energy source. Its main advantage is its independence from external factors. Unlike solar and wind energy, biomass can always be used to generate energy. So it is not surprising that biomass accounts for around 70% of the renewable energy in Germany (Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit, 2011). The extraction of bioenergy can be enhanced by including bio-energy sources like wood or canola. Bio-waste can also be used.

We at Ager Pharia can also support you by providing marketing machinery. We ensure that the power generated is consumed locally. By implementing a compound solution, a closed energy supply is possible. Only this can guarantee long term energy security in remote or conflict areas. In addition, we can support you in sales of electricity to third parties, if you cannot sell locally.

The development of the electrical grid is a necessary prerequisite for the success of renewable energy. There are ideal offshore areas for wind energy plans in Germany, but the demand for power in these areas is lower, so transfer to areas with huge demand is needed. The same is true regarding the transfer of photovoltaic energy from the south of the country. We can introduce you to partners for the construction, development and the maintenance of an electricity supply network.

We will gladly provide assistance for concepts for renewable energy. Contact us!