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Investors and landowners frequently share the same dilemma; both would like to exploit their capacity for renewable energy. Investors have funds, but they do not have land on which to install photovoltaic or wind power plants.Land and property owners have suitable sites for the generation of renewable energy. However, they lack funds, because investments in the sphere of renewable energy can be enormous and profit is only envisaged in the long term. Not all locations are suitable for certain types of technology. Only qualified support and consulting can ensure success and guarantee that investmentswill be effective and efficient, as well taking the needs of the environment into consideration.

We at Ager Pharia are the link between investors and property owners. We have numerous contacts with interested investors. So we can help you exploit unused land and make your contribution to the sustainable usage of energy.

Even for local and national large-scale projects, we can find the right financial partner. We are looking for investment opportunities for our investors, now and for the future. In our view, funding is a matter of mutual trust. As the bridge between investors and property owners, we take responsibility for defusing potential areas of conflict. Feel free to ask us about financing options for your project.

A successful renewable energy project requires broad know-how, which is indispensible when choosing optimal technology and its implementation. The development of renewable energy is subsidised in many countries. If you need information about individual subsidies and conditions, you need expert knowledge. This we can provide.

From the initial idea to the final implementation, there may be many pitfalls, which broad experience in such projects can help identify and eliminate.

We will gladly offer our help in providing high-level contacts with potential investors. Contact us!