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Fresh Vegetables and Legumes

We also offer a wide range of fresh vegetables and legumes, especially from Croatia, where we have access to a large number of fresh agricultural products such as beans, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini (courgettes). Please also ask us about our organic products.

- The most popular legumes are beans. They are rich in valuable carbohydrates, protein and vitamins C and K. And they contain only 35 kcal /100 g.

- Our peppers are grown mostly in Argentina. These crisp vegetables are extremely low in calories (20 kcal /100g) and rich in vitamins C and E, to help maintain supple joints and boost the immune system.

- Our tomatoes are also highly sought after. They contain only a few calories (17 kcal /100g), since they mostly consist of water (95%). The lycopene in tomatoes boosts the immune system.

- Zucchini (courgettes) are known as healthy, non-fattening vegetables. They contain a high proportion or carotene and vitamins A, B group and C, calcium and zinc. They are also very low in calories (19 kcal /100 g).

Minimum delivery: 20 tons