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Soy Flour for Animal Consumption

Our soy flour can be used as an animal feed rich in protein for poultry, swine and cattle. Cattle breeders like to include soy extract in animals’ diets because of its high protein content, and as an excellent alternative to rapeseed extract, which contains glucosinolates and erucic acid. Even “00” rapeseed has a negative effect on the liver and thyroid gland in animals. The hybrid products of crossing “00” rapeseed with Canadian GSL-free strains prevents the efficient synthesis of glucosinolates.
Digestion and milk production are not affected by a Rhesus negative substitute, as the composition of the milk remains almost unchanged. However, a slightly lowered energy value has to be taken into consideration. Our soy extract can be delivered in two varieties (42% and 48% raw protein). In the production of our high protein variety, the soy beans are first hulled, yielding a higher proportion of raw protein.

Soy extract is available according to quality as a source of lysine in swine feed. At 26-27g, its volume is higher than other comparable animal foods such as beans, peas or wheat.