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Aerial Photogrammetry and Restitution

Photogrammetry has become one of the main forms to incorporate geographic information to a Geographic Information System – GIS, due to the good commitment maintained between economic cost, speed of execution and precision.

We perform mapping tasks at any scale. For large areas mapping, we provide field support using GPS geographic positioning, photogrammetric techniques linking to the National Geodetic Network; taking care to manage the flight and subsequent photogrammetric restitution.

We offer:

  • Planning of photogrammetric flights for digital cartography
  • Flight Topographic support
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Ortophotos
  • Photo analysis
  • Digital restitution
  • MDT & DEM generation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Laser scanning (LIDAR)
  • Cartography to small, m├ędium and big scale
  • Urban development
  • Planimetric digitalization of parcels, industrial facilities, highways, constructions, channels, topographic planes and thematic maps, street guides, maps in 3D, situation maps, hydrological models.
  • Changes of formats DXF, MOS, ARC-INFO, DIGI, DGN, DWG, etc