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Advisory and Project Management

There is an increasing interest of long term water supply management worldwide. The long term aim is to ensure the access to potable water for the whole humanity. Nevertheless, the increasing demand for water by industry and agriculture should be take into consideration of the water management. Nowadays, 70 % of the potable water is used in agriculture.

In many regions, people had to undergo periods of drought within the last decades. This is the reason why they try to prevent worst consequences in the future using elementary water solutions. Therefore, active water management is in the strategic focus of our projects.

Obviously, water management has to be draft and customized to the single situation. Ager Pharia always verifies and calculates different options of water solution due to the single case. This might be the construction of dams for surficial and underground filling of water. The exploitation of sources of potable water being very deep seated is often very expensive. Nevertheless, this water is very clean and can be the best solution for high quality water supply.

We can also draft solutions for the privatization of water supply. In many regions private water supply is very helpful to ensure a continuously and cost efficient water supply. Kyoto’s water supply is a great example for this.

Ager Pharia covers broad parts of water exploration and water exploitation. Up to the single case, we consider your individual requirements and develop customized solutions for your water problems.

We gladly offer our help in matters of water supply and water storage. Contact us!