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Ager Pharia`s technological Know How

The biggest part of the fresh water is the ground water. Usually, it is available in sufficient quantities. The challenge is the access to potable water. Ager Pharia has broad technological Know How in making ground water accessible. Ager Pharia advises and helps in organization of access to new water wells. Ager Pharia has the necessary knowledge in technologies for a successful exploration of water.

We are highly experienced in exploration of water. Ground water from sand beds has the best characteristics for potable use. This water is very clean due to the cleaning effect of porous burdens (sands, pyrites etc.). Covering a certain distance through porous burdens with a temperature of approx. 10 °, water becomes germ free. Therefore, it is long time storable and can be used qualified for potable water supply.

We are open minded to new technological solutions. In the future, it will be possible to win water from the air using hygroscopic brine. Using this innovative technique, salt solution is conducted through a tower shaped installation, which draws the humidity from the air. The salt solution is heated in a vacuum using solar energy. Water vapour is won.