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Sales and Distribution

Delivery of fresh water

The main product of our water division is ice age pure fount water from the Andes. Ager Pharia has access to ten founts of potable water in the Andes, from which 10.000 liters very clean potable water can be won every day. Due to its quality and purity, this water has an almost unlimited shelf life. Being filtered by rocks, our Andean melt water is naturally enriched with vitally important minerals.

Due to our excellent logistics Ager Pharia can provide big quantities of potable water in the whole world. For example, we can deliver two very large crude carrier of potable water within two weeks to every spot on Earth.

Our target groups are governments, regional authorities and also regional distributors. Wholesalers may distribute our water under their own label. Whether you only need our water or you are interested in complex solutions: Feel free to contact us, we will draft a not binding offer.

Water Storage

The use of water tanks is indispensable in order to secure long term water supply. This is the easier the cleaner the water is. The water from Andean founts is practically germ free. Due to its quality and purity, this water has an almost unlimited shelf life. Our water can be stored timely almost unlimited in containers at your place.

Using water tanks, the gaps of water demand and water supply can be compensated. Water tanks allow a uniform balance of water abstraction and water procurement and treatment.

In times of drought, there is an extremely high water demand for agricultural use whilst there is a lack of natural supply of fresh water. With water tanks and additional logistics solutions, these times of maximum water demand can be covered. Furthermore, water tanks ensure the necessary working pressure.
Water tanks can be built as high level or low level tanks. Due to the location of the water procurement and the water supply areas, throughput reservoir or cushioning reservoirs can be used.

We gladly offer our help in matters of sales and distribution of fresh water. Contact us!